GEO Magic Color in purple features a unique and highly detailed pattern that combines different shades and hues of purple to create a perfect pool of colors. This pattern helps create a dazzling and magical looking pair of eyes that will make you feel confident whenever and wherever you wear these contact lenses. The Magic Color Series is also available in other colors and can be changed to suit your current hair color, makeup, or outfit! These contact lenses are designed to be safe to use every day without having to worry about irritation and dry eyes. With GEO Magic Color Series, being dazzling and beautiful has never felt this comfortable!


Sporting a three tone colored contact lens has never been as dazzling as wearing GEO Magic Color 3tone Purple Lens CM-905! The GEO Magic Color Series is highly famed for creating stunning and gorgeous looking eyes no matter what your natural eye color is!


Usage Modality:  Yearly Disposable


Package contents: One (1) single lens only. Create a unique look by buying a second lens in your favorite color and required power range!


  • Authentic GEO soft color contact lens from Korea plus Instructions for Use provided by GEO
  • Lens diameter: 14.2mm
  • Base curve radius: 8.4mm - 8.7mm
  • Center Thickness: 0.04mm - 0.13mm
  • Water Content: 38% - 42%
  • The lifetime of the lens is one year after opening with proper care and cleaning
  • The expiry date is marked on each vial


Power Range Guidelines:

  • Power range: P-0.00 suitable for people with perfect eyesight (20/20).
  • All products offer power range P-0.00 (not advisable for those with shortsightedness/myopia).
  • Some lenses offer a power range from P-0.50 to P-10.00. You are strongly advised to visit an optometrist to obtain a precise contact lens prescription.


GEO Anti-Fake System:

  • To check for the authenticity of your lenses, GEO has introduced an Anti-Fake System which features a GEO security label sticker displaying an 18-20 digit code attached to each vial.
  • Once you receive your lens from us, please visit this and input your code there to verify the authenticity of your GEO contacts. Each 18-20 digit code can be checked only once.
  • In order to protect your eyes and ensure that the lenses are used properly and safely, you are strongly advised to read the User Instructions.
  • By purchasing this product or other products from T-ZIN SHOP, you agree to our Terms Of Use.

GEO-Magic 1-Year Color Lens CM-905 3tone Purple P-0.00 1 pair/2 pcs

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$15.99Sale Price

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