LED therapy mask uses the principle of red, blue and orange monochromatic light irradiation to deeply affect the surface of the skin, intensive treatment for many skin problems:
- Wavelength: 476-495nm (nanometers)
- C ability to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, purifying the skin helps acne skin recover faster.
- Increases the ability of the skin to retain water and absorb water, reducing oil secretion
- For oily / acne / sensitive skin
- Wavelength: 590 - 620nm
- ORANGE light belongs to the group of Low Energy (Low Energy Visible Light - LEV) but has long wavelength to penetrate deeper into the skin.
- Provide vita whitening, inhibit the action of melanin, lighten the skin, darken pigmentation, freckles, brown spots
- For blemishes, uneven skin tone, dull skin
- Wavelength: 620 - 750nm
- Of the 3 types of light used by the mask, Red light has the longest wavelength, penetrates the deepest skin and its main activity is affecting collagen-producing cells.

- Help to accelerate the activity of these cells, produce more collagen, fill wrinkles, fine lines to smooth skin. Pores are also noticeably smaller.

- For all skin types, especially the skin that loses its elasticity / aging

●●● How to use:
1. After washing your face, perform the steps skincare, or masking finished.
 . Connect the Led mask to the phone or charger you are using.
3. Adjust to fit your face and use within 15-30 minutes (3 times a week)

Genie Therapy LED Mask

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