✓ Consuming energy accumulated in the form of excess fat, continuously burning excreted hard fat area for a long time, helping you regain a slim, balanced shape.

✓ Reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood causes fatty liver disease, heart disease and stroke, helping to improve physique and skin.

✓ Enhance metabolism, prevent fat absorption and dissolve excess fat deep inside the body.

✓ Anti-oxidant, not cause insomnia, say no to side effects: dizziness, headache, insomnia, nausea or diarrhea ...

✓ Products used for both women and men.

✓ The ingredients in Genie Slime Recipe weight loss tablets will directly affect the amount of excess fat stored in the body, metabolized and excreted through the excretory system.

✓ Helps the body fight the aging process to prevent stretch marks, regenerate skin cells to bring smooth, youthful skin ..

✓ Helps reduce weight effectively, is not dependent, not refundable after stopping use. eliminating excess fat that is loaded into the body through daily eating.

✓ Reduce fat in the waist, abdomen, and biceps but still firm the muscle mass without sagging the muscles and skin.


Ingredients: Green tea essence, spirulina, bud plant extract, spring extract, zinc oxide, beta alanine, essence of pomelo, lotus heart, herbal, Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), L-Arginine.



In order to achieve the effect of losing weight and dissipating the obnoxious fat you use:


- On 2 capsules, take 1 time before 30 minutes before breakfast.


- You should drink plenty of water during the use of the product


- To lose weight is better than you should combine with eating lots of green vegetables, fruits. And especially should limit the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, coffee and stimulants. Limit eating too much starch, grease and eating late. Limit eating after 7pm, exercise will help you lose weight faster.


- Use for people over 15 years old.


- Do not use for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Genie Slim Recipe Plus+ WEIGHT LOSS HERB Free waist slimming belt


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