Genie Non-Fix Skin  MTS Royal Palace Korea is formulated from 18 precious and rare herbs such as five components of lingzhi, mugwort, eucalyptus, genus, and ginseng. There are also adjuvants allantoin keratolytic, Centella Asiatica, pycnogenol, tocopheryl acetate.
Ginseng has long been known as a valuable medicinal herb. Ginseng has more than 60 types of saponins, 17 amino acids, more than 10 other trace elements have a very good effect on human health. Especially, ginseng extract helps regenerate the skin, increase the ability to produce new skin cells, accelerate the healing process. For those who have concave scars, pitted scars, acne-prone bruises just need to use Oriental Medicine to treat it
  •  Stimulate skin cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties
  •  Filling and pitting scars effectively after 2-3 weeks
  •  Form new skin, new tissue, limiting bacteria accumulation
  •  Reduce acne, improve skin tone
  •  The medicine has no fragrance so it smells of python
WARNING: Avoid using food-related to eggs during use.
If you miss an egg-related food, stop applying the cream after 2 weeks of use again
  1.  Remove makeup, clean your face.
  2. Apply an appropriate amount of cream on the pitted area of ​​skin (If you first see redness, apply a small amount next time)
  3. The medicine will dry itself after 3-5 minutes.
Note: After the layer of the cream is dry, you can use another serum or other skin care cosmetics

Genie scar Non Fix Skin Cream Made in Korea FREE FACE SOAP CLEANSER


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