Genie Premium Max White Plus + whitening pill increases the whitening effect with glutathione 1850mg, royal jelly and many valuable nutrients for skin as well as health.


The benefits of Genie Premium Max White Plus skin whitening pills:

  • Inhibits production of melanin and helps brighten skin


  • Whitening skin on the whole body, turn on tone after the course
  • Fades dark spots on the skin, even skin tone
  • Endocrine regulation in the body
  • Increase skin elasticity, smoothness
  • Anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle, help slow down the aging process
  • Assist in excreting toxins, enhance resistance


Main ingredient:
● L-Glutathione 1850mg: Powerful anti-oxidant, pushes free radicals out, flushes out toxins and inhibits melanin, helps to naturally whiten skin.

● Glutathione high content of 1850mg promises to turn on skin tone quickly after 1 month, without causing harmful effects.

● Royal Jelly: Contains many amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, helps promote health, inhibits melanin from the inside, brightens the skin.

● Peptides: Stimulates skin regeneration, produces collagen, overcomes signs of age, and resists aging

● Evening primrose oil: Contains many beneficial fatty acids that help to stabilize female hormones, and to regulate menstruation. Evening primrose also helps to inhibit melanin, reduce pigmentation, freckles, and reduce premenopausal symptoms.

● Sulfur oil, stearic acid, ...


- Take 2 capsules / day. 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening 30 minutes after eating
- Should drink plenty of water during the day.

New Version Genie Max White Plus+ _ Premium Skin Whitening Dark Spot Treatment

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