➖ Glutathione (cystenie, glutamic and glycine), super vital, amino acid and minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

- White body shower cream Genie Body Max White with the content of glutathione 1850mg highest in all types. A 300gr bottle is about 10 times composted.

- Nourishing super-fast white skin, regenerating new cells, clearly changing from dark skin to bright pink and white.

- No abrasion, no skin thinning, especially does not cause sunburn.

- It can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

- Anti-aging skin body.

- Restore damaged skin, fix wrinkles, dry and uneven skin color.

- Regenerating energy, reducing skin stress.

- It is important that white is all skin color and not white. Natural pink white.


➖ USE:

- Wash your body and combine exfoliating.

- Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe dry.

- Take a sufficient amount of cream to spread all over the body, massage gently so that the nutrients are penetrated deeper.

- Incubate the skin for 30-45 minutes and then rinse, then use a white serum to keep the skin radiant and white every day.

- Weekly use once


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