The unique essence extracted from fresh salmon roe is an excellent beauty care product, very suitable for the structure of the skin and especially suitable for the development and regeneration of the structure of sensitive skin. cold.
  • 35% Salmon Egg Essence.
  • 25% Pearl.
  • 10% Licorice tragranate.
  • 10% Sodium Evilorbyl Phosphate.
  • 10% Glutathione.
  • 5% Tremella Glycerin.
  • 5% Arbutin and other nutrients.
Ingredients Genie Caviar Pearl Capsule Ampoule Genie Caviar Pearl Capsule
  • DNA of Salmon: Polynucleotide ingredient in Salmon's chromosomes helps boost skin immunity, helps skin rejuvenation while restoring and regenerating skin cells.
  • Real salmon contains many rich nutrients such as vitamin E and Astaxanhthin, this ingredient has the ability to prevent skin aging, prevent skin pigmentation changes and effectively beautify the skin. Main use of Cavira Pearl.
The effect is achieved from Genie Caviar Pearl Capsule Ampoule
  •  Shrink pores.
  • Prevent and treat acne.
  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Restores and regenerates damaged skin.
  • Lighter and shiny skin.
  • Fading dark spots and acne spots.
  • Alkaline oil, water supply to the skin is always smooth.
  • Promote skin regeneration.
  • Anti-swelling, strengthen skin protective film and improve skin elasticity.
  • Can be used after the skin peeling.
Usage of Genie Caviar Pearl Capsule Ampoule
Should be used 2 times a day. Morning and evening after cleansing your face and massage gently.

Genie Caviar Pearl Capsule Ampoule 30ml FREE a Japanese CLEANSER sample

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