Genie Boom Fat Yline 60 tablets of Korea are extracted from natural ingredients, stimulating the breast to grow naturally, full and firm. The product helps to increase the size of the first round while restoring firmness for women after childbirth, hormonal stability, regulating menstrual beauty skin.



Introducing Genie Boom Fat Yline Breast Enlargement Tablets:

Ie Genie is a famous Korean cosmetic brand that is very popular in the market. Some time ago, Genie's whitening pill became a big craze in Vietnam, and soon, a series of Genie products hit the Asian market strongly.


➤ Understanding the suffering of the "backs" and sagging breasts of postpartum women, Genie prepared the genie boom fate yline breast enlargement and received a lot of positive reviews.



Gen Genie Boom Fat Yline oral tablet with natural herbal ingredients to help nourish round, tight, toned breasts through the addition of estrogen, increase tissue cells and increase chest blood flow, hormonal stability female. The effect can be seen after 2 weeks of use (*).



● The high content of phytoestrogens


● The essence of vitamins E, A


● Vitamins B1, B6, B12,


● Soybean extract, chondroitin, seaweed calcium


● Pure protein


● Maculararia, macadamia enzyme




Uses of Genie Boom Fat Yline Breast Enlargement Tablets

✔ Supplement natural estrogen, helping women feel confident and attractive


✔ Increases breast tissue, promotes blood circulation, nourishes a full, round breasts


✔ Restores breast firmness after giving birth, reducing sagging


✔ Endocrine stability, regulating menstruation, relieving menstrual pain


✔ Genie breast enlargement pills from natural herbs also help reduce the risk of breast cancer


✔ Nourish the breast skin smooth, light pink, reduce pigmentation causing dull color, prevent stretch marks, dryness.


✔ Genie Boom Fat Yline narrows the gap between the breasts, creating a natural groove in the chest.


✔ Besides, nutrients, vitamins support health and beauty, slow down the aging process of the body.


✔ Use regularly after at least 2 weeks, you will feel a significant change.



Is Genie Boom Fat Yline breast enlargement pills good?

Gen Korean Genie breast enlargement capsules are certified by the Korean Ministry of Health and US FDA for quality. Products prepared from natural herbal ingredients should be safe to use, well absorbed into the body, without causing side effects.


➥ There have been many positive reviews on Genie's breast enlargement pills, the product is really effective after 2 weeks (*) and long-term, does not quickly flatten and sag like other breast enlargement products.

Genie Boom Fat line does not cause weight gain, no water retention.


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User manual:

- Take 2 capsules daily, 2 divided doses, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.


- It should be taken 30 minutes after a meal.


- The product is not for children under 15 years old. Pregnant or lactating women should not use it.


- For people with health problems, consult an expert before use.


(*) The effect depends on each person.

Genie Boom Fat Yline Breast Enlargement 60 Tablets Made in Korea

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