Genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​Stem Cell 7day Miracle DNA Acipenser
Genie DNA stem cell Acipenser Bio Ampoule 360 ​​7day Miracle is a topical, skincare serum from Korea. Stem cells are a relatively new method of skin care, emerging only a few years ago and have caused fever soon after due to its over-divine effect. Moreover, the extract in the form of stem cells makes it easy to enter the skin and is less greasy, sticky like cream moisturizers.

Composition of Genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​Stem Cell 7day Miracle DNA Acipenser Korea
The composition of Genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​7day stem cells can make you feel secure because it is extracted from these natural nutrients and substances that are very beneficial to your health and beauty such as:

Extract from DNA, the embryo of the ocean sturgeon: Contains extremely many beneficial nutrients for the skin, sturgeon eggs have a lot of substances to help the skin plump and smooth. He also has amino acids and especially from natural stem cells that increase the ability to regenerate new skin cells, remove old skin cells, repair and nourish damaged cells, Return to you a standard skin youthful.
The essence of salmon eggs: Recently, it has been discovered that salmon eggs have many benefits in skin care. Anise eggs contain a number of good nutrients such as proteins, vitamins that help nourish the skin. In particular, the fatty acids in salmon eggs when penetrated deeply into the skin will bring a tight skin, always moist, not dry and remove melasma and freckles very effectively.
Creatine Nutrients: This is a type of substance available and produced by our body, keeping our muscles and skin regenerated. However, when we get old, this nutrient is not always enough to nourish the body, so using genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​stem cells is a good way to supply this substance for the body.

Peptide: A great advantage of this stem cell product is that it contains high levels of Peptide - a substance that helps the skin smooth and brighter.
Micronutrients: Supplementing with trace minerals for the body is a measure for smooth and acne-free skin.
The effect of Genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​7day Miracle Stem Cells on your skin
Genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​stem cell 7day Miracle DNA is a product for those who do not have a beautiful skin as expected. Use the product to experience the great things it brings:

Contains a huge amount of stem cells, moreover is made in the form of a very liquid serum, extremely easy to penetrate deep into the skin. Therefore, only after about 1 week of using the product. Your skin will be improved in a very positive way.
Provides moisture and essential nutrients, helping to nourish and protect your skin, giving you a white, bright, fair, smooth, shiny skin.
Promote self-regeneration of cells in the skin, thereby eliminating dead cells, regenerating new skin cells. Thereby helping the skin increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, help you have a younger skin.
Supply and maintain moisture to your skin, helping your skin not to be dry, cracked, avoiding dryness and roughness.
Helping to narrow the pores, thereby reducing the lubrication on the skin, preventing acne extremely effectively.
Helps increase the resilience and self-healing of your skin after beauty procedures such as needle roller or after acne, melasma, ...
Gives the skin a white, bright, radiant appearance, from which your skin will have more vitality and slow down the aging process of your skin.

Usage and some things to keep in mind when using Genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​Stem Cells 7day.
How to use DNA Bio Ampoule stem cells 360:

First, before using the product, you should wash your face with warm water so that pores can expand and leave your face clean and airy so that the essence will easily penetrate deeper.
After washing your face, you can use toner to moisturize your skin.
Then take a sufficient amount of stem cell serum applied to the face and neck, gently massage for 3 minutes. Gently pat the product.
Use 2 times a day to achieve the fastest and most effective effect.
Some notes when using:

Can use the product in combination with other beauty processes such as needle roller or acne treatment, melasma. Because this product does not irritate the skin and does not cause acne.
The effect can be very dependent on the drug and the user base, so when using the product and when beauty should have perseverance attitude to achieve the desired effect.
To have a beautiful skin, women should work hard to drink water and eat lots of green vegetables, as well as a scientific diet and rest, reasonable, should not use stimulants that will cause Harm to your skin.

Genie Bio Ampoule 360 ​​Stem Cell 7day Miracle DNA Acipenser

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