- Extract 100% from benign natural ingredients that help care for healthy, long-term skin care.
- The effect of skin care is extremely high and does not cause abrasion, damage or irritation.
- Provide and maintain moisture to the skin, helping to condition the skin soft and smooth every day without feeling dry.
- Clearly brighten skin tone, turn on tone after 2 weeks of use, make skin tone and improve skin pigmentation.
- For firm and smooth skin when stimulating, producing collagen.
- Tightens pores to reduce mucus secretion on the skin.
- Support effective acne treatment, fade and quickly remove pigmentation marks, dullness and bruises left by acne on the back and face.
- The ability to penetrate the skin, does not cause a greasy, sticky feeling.
- Suitable for all skin types, including dry skin, sensitive skin.


Genie Anna Choi Body Lotion Whitening Ingredients 350ml:

Fresh collagen and goat milk essence.
Olive essence.
Fermented yogurt.
Rose essential oil
Protein, honey
Aloe vera, Vitamin A, E.


How to use:
Use after bathing with shower gel.
Apply a moderate amount to the body and gently massage the essence into your skin using your hands.
Use regularly and continuously after using shower gel for optimal results.

Genie Anna Choi Body Lotion Whitening 350ml


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