AMMAS synthetic vitamin and collagen essence is concentrated from vitamins B2, C, D, E and collagen extracted from natural herbs that are safe, benign and absorbable. This collagen is being actively reviewed by using one macro to see the skin as clearly regenerated. The product is concentrated from the essences of:

  • Fermented soybean sprouts, B2, D, C are 25 times higher than other vegetables and ingredients.
  • Rose extract contains ingredients of vitamin K and Vitamin E to help regenerate, restore, rejuvenate rough skin, lack of vitality to become more healthy, stretch the ball.
  • Snail extract contains many components of glucollic acid, collagen to help remove wrinkles, whiten skin, provide moisture, restore and increase resistance to weak, sensitive skin. Special components MUCIN prevent skin inflammation, dark spots, prevent the formation of scars caused by acne.

- Whitening and lifting skin tone
- Inhibiting melanin production causing melasma, freckles
- Anti-aging, prevent wrinkle formation, increase skin elasticity.
- Moisturizing, skin stretching care
- Increase immunity, prevent acne
- Regenerating, restoring damaged skin, weak skin, rough skin.
- After skincare
- Take 01 capsule / 1 time / 1 day
- Apply before going to bed
- To achieve the highest results, you should use 1 course continuously for 28 days.

Fresh Collagen Vitamin AMMAS Made In Korea

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