Uses of Fresa Whitening & Sunblock Whitening Sunscreen:
☞ Whitening sunscreen nourishes healthy, radiant skin from the inside.
☞ Inhibits melamine synthesis process to keep skin bright, radiant, and prevent melasma.
☞ Anti-oxidant, protects skin from the harmful effects of UV and ultraviolet rays.
Fresa oral tablet supplements vitamins, nutrients to increase skin resistance, restore damaged skin
☞ Promote skin regeneration, increase new cell growth, slow down the aging process
☞ Maintain firmness and elasticity for the skin, helping you stay young for a long time
☞ In addition, Fresa Whitening and Sunblock whitening sunscreen also fosters health, enhances resistance, helps flush out toxins, and prevents diseases, prevents fatigue, ...
Composition of Fresa Whitening Sunscreen 60 capsules:
  • Horse placental stem cells
  • Red grape seed extract
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Japanese mushroom yeast
  • Tomatoes


● Take 1-2 capsules a day if it is not sunny at all
● Take 2-4 capsules a day if working in the sun for a long time
● Fresa should be taken 30 minutes before going out.
● Preserving in a dry place, avoid high heat, high humidity.
● Note: Do not use for pregnant women, nursing mothers or people who are being treated without the doctor's consent.
(*) The effect of whitening, melasma depends on the location and skin care of each person.

NEW VERSION Fresa - Whitening & Sunblock (Made In Japan) 90 capsules


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