FOSLAN's is a special perfume cleanser that can be applied on under garments to freshen up the bad odors and kill bacteria. Foslan is a unique product that offers a sexy and musky, stylish and luxurious fragrance that reminds you of the body of a sensual woman.


Even if you use only one drop, the fragrance of the essential flowers is all day long!"A secret love weapon"


♦ Deep and rich floral fragrance with a faint fragrance.


♦ Even if you use only one drop, the fragrance of the flowers is all day long.


♦ Dropping a drop in underwear, It catches the scent to kill bacteria. Or on top of pads during period.


♦ It also can be use on body. Just simply apply 2-4 drops daily on neck area, underarm and on the lower stomach (can be mixed with lotion, or water to circularly massage) in the period to gently reduce pain.


♦ It s scent helps in relaxing and calming.




Foslan Feminine Essential Premium Natural Oil


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