What is MulGwang?

- It is a method of treatment by implanting the main ingredient hyaluronic acid (or adding vitamins and other nutrients) directly into the mesoderm layer. Mul (Mul): HA is a moisturizing ingredient closely related to water in the body, so it is considered as water, 광 (gwang) is light, shiny, bright, formerly known as Hydro Lifting (Use hydrogen to lift muscles, high content of hydrogen in the body makes skin whiter). Because of this, after seeing the result of the expression "glossy face as bright as shining into the skin", this method was named MulGwang.

- There are many cosmetics containing HA ingredients that provide and moisturize the skin, but cosmetics can only apply one layer on the skin, the highest level of penetration is the end of the epidermis, moreover there are the ability to disappear immediately should inject HA into deep into the dermis layer to help maintain moisture longer, stretch, increase skin elasticity, if the compatibility of HA with the body is high, it can add more other effects.

- MulGwang with extremely small amount of HA in a few parts identified into the skin layer under the epidermis by machine, usually on the face skin, the machine has micro needles and light suction, when in contact with the skin will suck slightly skin up and needle put HA and dermis should not cause burning pain or widespread damage as needle form


Uses of MulGwang


- Restoring damaged skin, aging skin, improving wrinkles, stretching the ball, rejuvenating the skin.


- Increase skin's elasticity.


- Improves whiter skin tone.


- Shrink pores.


- Add moisture to the skin.


- Filling the puffiness.


- Increases the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Greatly helps to increase elasticity thanks to the reinforced and "tightly knit" collagen and elastin membranes.


- Thanks to the elasticity, Mulgwang helps the face look slimmer and younger.


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