Origin: Ukraine / Capacity: 20m * 5 pairs per box


Melasma -  Dark Spots Mask:

  • Ingredient

Kojic Acid Salt (palmitic alcohol ester and kojic acid)

Bear Strawberry Extract.

  • Efficiency


- Increases melanin, which helps to bring you natural health and even color.

- Bearberry extract helps to nourish the skin, prevent dark spots, and antibacterial.

- The mild, paraben-free formula, safe and non-irritating to the skin.

- Improve skin pigmentation problem, tighten pores, even skin tone.

- Promote the process of lightening the skin with pigmentation, age spots, freckles or brown spots on the skin.

- Protect skin, soothe, prevent inflammation, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.

- Special treatment of brown spots on the skin and anti-aging skin.

-The gel mask should be easy to use, increase the contact area on the skin, effective quickly after 28 days of use.


Brighten - Tone up Mask:

  • Ingredient

- Fitoaqualan helps to moisturize and maintain skin elasticity.

- Vegetal Ceramides helps to improve skin, smooth wrinkles, reinforce the protective function of the skin.

  • Efficiency

- Elfa Lico + Med is a mask that tightens, brightens, evenly skin tone to help maintain the elasticity of the skin, helping to stretch the skin.

- Improves skin pigmentation, helps skin stay fresh

- Protect the skin from the effects of the surrounding environment.

- Intensive whitening and anti-aging skin.


User manual:

  1. Take a sufficient amount of mask to apply a layer on the face and neck, massage gently, avoiding the eyes and lips. After 20 minutes use a cotton pad to clean.
  2. There may be a greasy feeling after 15 minutes but will absorb completely after that. Should be used 1-2 times/week.


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