DUO-PEEL is a product used for microdermabrasion and it removes the horny cells that form horny layers by peeling off the epidermis of the face.
- The organic calcium crystals are 100% plant-based fine crystals that penetrate the skin to stimulate skin cells for 36 ~ 48 hours to remove dead cells that stimulate abrasion and melt cells. Exfoliating, promoting nourishing blood circulation is a treatment that shortens the skin's turn-around cycle time to 3 ~ 5 days as it removes dead skin buildup in pores and Thickening the stratum of skin
- Horsetail grass extract
- Wormwood extract
- Witch hazel extract
- Glycosyl trehalose extract
- Hydrolyzed Starch Hydrolyzate


- Step 1: Clean the skin and apply toner
- Step 2: Leave about 5 minutes for pores to expand
- Step 3: Apply to peeled areas such as forehead, chin, cheeks, nose
- Step 4: At the same time massage with rubbing it is absorbed into the skin with virtuosity technique
- Step 5: Apply the gel mask to soothe skin
- Step 6: clean the skin surface
- Step 7: Apply serum and cream
- After peeling the next day in the skin peel area, the dead skin and fragments will be shaped and within 1 week to 2 weeks it will fall off on its own.
- Through the next day, It is possible to wash your face but if you wash too hard, the debris and dead skin will be forced to remove so just wash gently
- Because collagen increases after peeling, the treatment area can be swollen, itchy in this case to reduce discomfort, so use cosmetics with good moisturizing effect.
- Avoid contact with water for 24 hours, after 24 hours wash your face with cold water and apply soothing cream regularly
- In 3 ~ 7 days after peeling, do not use a cosmetic treatment such as retinoic acid, vitamin C, and stevia cream
- After peeling in the evening without washing your face, the next day you can wash your face with cold water (After 12 hours)
- Avoid alcohol
- When working in the middle of finishing the peel area may be a little burning or red but this phenomenon after 24 hours will go away

DR. PACELEADER DUO – PEEL 10ml Made In Korea


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