Dr. Different Vita A Cream 

This concentrated night cream has stabilized retinal (not retinol) and hyaluronic acid with the latest stability and delivery technologies to ensure a steady, even release. It quickly penetrates while strengthening the skin’s protective barrier to reveal healthy skin. It helps improve the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, and pores while helping to minimize breakouts.


🧡Vita A Cream 0.05% (referred to as Retinal 0.05%) for the skin of 20 years old but never using retinol

❤️Vita A Forte Cream 0.1% (Retinal 0.1%) for the ages of 30+ and want to increase their levels to fill wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation due to aging


What Else You Need to Know: Retinal vs. Retinol

The main difference is the speed at which they yield results. Retinal has been clinically proven to work up to 11 times faster than retinol. In addition, retinal has a much higher exfoliation rate than retinol, which contributes to even-toned, radiant skin.


How does Retinal work?

Retinal works by encouraging skin cells to turn over faster than they would normally, contributing to glowing skin.



• Brightening

• Anti-Aging

• Pore-Tightening

• Elasticity

• Skin Tone & Texture Improvement


How to Use:

In the evening, apply a pea-size amount on the entire face and neck in a thin layer. Allow the product to absorb before applying other skincare products. Limit initial use to once or twice a week, gradually increasing frequency to every other night, then every night as tolerated. It is important to establish consistent skin tolerance before advancing to a higher concentration. Retinal may increase photosensitivity.

Always use a high-protection, broad-spectrum sunscreen when using this product**


DR.DIFFERENT Vita-A Cream 20g/ 0.7oz Fill Wrinkles, Scars and Pigmentation

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