[Derm·all Matrix] Neck Dermal Care Mask 1Pack (8g*4ea) Neck Patch 



Rion Medifab specializes in research and development, performing national research projects related to artificial ligaments and artificial skin with hospitals, universities, and government-affiliated research institutes.

Our research team, with its broad experience in skin regeneration, has developed Derm·all Matrix skin care out of the most similar material to human skin based on artificial skin manufacturing technology for burn treatment.

Derm·all Matrix skin care arose from natural ingredients and advanced bioengineering skill for healthy as well as sensitive skin, and we hope it brings our customers an entirely new moisturizing experience.


How to use 


After cleansing, open the pouch and attach the mask on your neck.

You can use it for hours, unlike ordinary mask packs;

it can be used as a sleeping pack.

Derm·all Matrix Daily Facial Dermal-care 1Pack (4EA) Facial Mask Sheet

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