Dalfour French night cream will give you a bright white skin, dark pigmentation extremely effective, highly reviewed by the effect that goes with the years

1️⃣ Dalfour White Cream (also known as Dark cream): Restoring, whitening for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, combination cream ...
2️⃣ Excel Dalfour light cream (also called Excel cream): whitening and pigmentation treatment, stretch the skin
3️⃣ Dalfour Sunblock day cream with whitening care and sun protection

🔑Remove blemishes and spots
🔑 Balance skin moisture to help soften skin.
🔑 Whitening skin and natural pink
🔑 Reduce facial wrinkles
🔑 Smooth skin
🔑 Effective small pores
🔑 Blurring bruises caused by acne
🔑 Erase the dark circles around the eyes
🔑 Uniform skin color
🔑 Eliminate dull areas

St Dalfour French cream 50g Restoring - Brightening - Pigmentation treatment

$49.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price

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