Broad Spectrum Suncreen Water-Based Gel Texture The soft, weightless, invisible daily sunscreen that guards against UVA, UVB without leaving greasiness or white finish


✔ Curi Soft Airy UV Essence sunscreen can soften skin immediately without scuffing, revealing the cream.

✔ Especially in addition to high sun protection, good oil control, benign for sensitive skin, Curi also contains stem cells and nutrients to nourish pinkish white skin after a period of use.

✔ Called sunscreen but Curi as Essence, contains both stem cell essence and many nutrients nourish the skin. The cream will melt on the surface and penetrate the skin, not greasy. Curi helps the skin to lighten a natural pink glow, not artificial white.


Use of Curi Soft Airy UV Essence sunscreen:
✔ Sunscreen prevents harmful effects from ultraviolet rays to the skin, reduces dryness, darkening, sunburn

✔ CURI reduces the formation of melanin pigment, freckles caused by UV

✔ Moisturizes, softens skin and helps skin stay healthy immediately after applying cream

✔ Create a light makeup foundation, reducing 1 step in the skin care process in the morning is a makeup step

✔ Original stem cells and nourishing ingredients nourish and whiten skin safely after a period of use.

✔ Curi stem cell sunscreen protects the skin throughout the day, without needing to be applied as many times as usual.


- Use sunscreen after completing cleansing and skincare steps, before makeup.
- Press the top of the bottle cap to get the cream, dot on the spots, and gently massage for complete penetration.
- Products are suitable for all skin types.

CURI Sun Cream, Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, UV Protection 1.7oz


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