CELDERMA Crystal Skin Mask: Pretty Transparent Hydrogel Pack 23g* 10 masks

Celderma Crystal Skin mask is transparent and thin, close to the face, easily absorbed nutrients on the mask into the skin. The product specializes in deep moisturizing makes the skin white and smooth, tightening the pores after only 1 application. Helps bright white skin and lift muscles.
The mask is transparent like jelly but hides a large amount of water, immediately supplies water to the skin when applied.
Super hydration and regenerative protein restore skin immediately after first use.
 The extract of marigold, myrothamnus flabellifolia leaves, and precious herbs is a breakthrough of crystal skin mask.
Helps brighten skin, fight aging, clear wrinkles. Optimal moisture level, helps skin always full of vitality.
In particular, anti-inflammatory ingredients from cactus, soothe irritation from the environment, overcome inflammatory issues, acne, ...
After cleansing, balance skin with rose water.
Take a mask to cover the entire face, evenly angled eyes and nose.
Relax for 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and gently pat the nutrients to be absorbed

CELDERMA Crystal Skin Mask Hydrogel Pack 23g* 10 masks FREE Face Wash Sample

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