NEW VERSION Best Innovation Bulgama 350ml Fat Burning Body Cream

  • Burn - Feel the Sauna thermal refreshment minimized irritation, high persistency, absorption, no sticking
  • Fit - Cares your unnecessary weight. Contains PPC, caffeine, carnitine, and guarana seed which will effect inside your skin and helps you to be curvaceous
  • Fill - Synergy with moist and collagen, Marine Collagen(high absorption rate), and 8 species of natural plant extracts help with body balance and moisturization.
  • Size: 350ml/11.8oz


The composition of Bulgama Cream Grease Melt 350ml
Bulgama Cream fat-soluble gel is formulated from natural herbal ingredients: PPC, caffeine, carnitine, guarana, penetrates inside skin cells, heats, and burns fat. Reduces the formation of new fats.

- Nutrients and moisturizing ingredients: Nourish smooth skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, ...

- Ginger: Increases heat, increases the ability to decompose fat, excess fat.

- Cinnamon essential oil: Enhances blood circulation, aids in reducing fat accumulation, and increases the elasticity of muscles and joints.

- Lavender essential oil: The essential oil has a pleasant aroma, and at the same time stimulates sweat release when the gel heats the skin.


User manual:

- Clean skin.

- Apply Bulgama cream on the area to reduce fat, massage gently.

- Apply 2 times/day



NEW VERSION Best Innovation Bulgama 350ml Fat Burning Body Cream

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