Medicated Whitening Clear Mist Rose
Place of Origin JAPAN

Medicated whitening clear face mist, facial mist for prevents melanin production

Two kinds to choose Non fragrance & fragrance of rose
Made with seven botanicals and eleven moisturizing ingredients.
Prevents melanin production to guard against freckles and blemishes.
Provides moisturizing skincare along with whitening.
Beautifies without causing irritation.
Made from naturally sourced ingredients.
Can be applied with a mask or cotton for intensive skincare, or used as part of your pre-application or post-removal makeup routine.
Moisturize after cleansing or to hydrate dry skin, adjust uneven make up, clear unhealthy skin, prevent acne—this light, whitening medicated spray does it all.

APATHEIA Medicated Whitening Clear Mist Rose


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