Ingredients Silk Melasma Cream Anti Mela Cream Limited Edition Korean Premium:
Silkworms - Supplement protein, collagen regeneration, skin rejuvenation
NAUY Red Pine - Helps eliminate melasma from the inside
Indian Ocean pennywort essence - Moisturizes and protects skin comprehensively
Use Silk Melasma Cream Limited Anti Mela Cream Limited Edition Korean Premium:
- Many scientific studies prove that the Silkworm component in this melasma cream has the effect of helping to clean deeply inside the skin, making the skin smooth and firm.
- Moisturizes skin, rejuvenates the skin, prevents wrinkles, tightens the skin, prevents aging very well.
- Ingredients of Silkworms combined with Norwegian red pine extract - one of the precious herbs with the effect of eliminating toxins in the skin.
- Norwegian red pine also works to clean corticosteroids, mercury in the skin by using a mixing cream. Anti-atrophic skin, anti-sagging skin, nourishing the skin to form new speed cells.
- In particular, Norwegian Red Pine also has anti-aging effect 50-100 times stronger than vitamin E. Regenerates and prolongs the durability of Vitamin E and vitamin C.
- Treat sunburn and inhibit melamine pigment (the cause of pigmentation) 4 times more than Kojic acid from rice bran.
- In addition, the composition of Indian Ocean pennywort essence in Anti Mela Cream anti-inflammatory melasma cream also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, melanin pigment removal, collagen supplements, elastin to help eliminate radicals. Dark spots freckles.
- Accelerate the process of healing on the skin, preventing the formation of keloid scars and concave scars. Helping your skin always fresh, smooth and full of vitality. It can be said that the combination of precious natural ingredients has created a "super product" to treat melasma Anti Mela Cream that many women hunt for.
Instructions for using Silk Melasma Anti Mela Cream Limited Edition Korean Premium:
- Use at night before bed
- Step 1: Clean your face with facial cleanser
- Step 2: Apply toner (rose water)
- Step 3: Apply an appropriate amount of cream to the cheeks, forehead, nose and massage evenly to the cream absorbed into the skin.

Anti Mela Cream Limited Edition Silk Cream Anti Aging Cream Made in Korea

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