Angel's Liquid The Magic Clear Body Mist Acne Treatment 150ml
Angel's Liquid The Magic Clear Body Mist helps reduce back pimples, chest pimples, and blemishes on other areas of the body by reducing excess keratin, controlling oil volume, skincare in one step spray.
- Ingredient formula contains eggplant extract to improve wound healing by increasing the proliferation and distribution of collagen fibers on the skin, speeding up the healing process effectively.
- Peach extract helps to reduce redness and helps the skin to repair itself. 
- Contains rich amounts of Vitamin E to reduce wrinkles, resolve the loss of elasticity and increase pigmentation
- The deep-sea water help expand pores, absorb excess oil, reduce scarring, fight acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.
- Contains skin-healing minerals: magnesium, calcium, and potassium that help absorb toxins and promote skin healing, cool, and soothe skin quickly.
- Contains mulberry root extract that has antioxidant properties, soothes signs of irritation along with its ability to fade discoloration and uneven skin tone.
- Lactobionic Acid belongs to the PHA group which is one of the antioxidants naturally present in cow's milk. This acid is also a substance that aids in the synthesis of collagen in the skin, helping to increase the recovery process as well as reduce the speed of aging of the skin.
- Like other BHA, Betaine Salicylate helps to break down colloids between dead and damaged skin cells to improve the skin's structure and appearance but also helps stimulate new skin cells to grow healthier
- Mandelic Acid is a natural active ingredient in the almond extract that makes the skin smoother and healthier thanks to its effective exfoliating action to prevent pore obstruction causing acne.
- Designed as a spray bottle that can be rotated 360 ° to easily spray on any skin area on the body
User manual:
- After bathing and drying the body, gently spray the product on the skin that needs acne treatment and dark spots about 2-5 times (depending on the area of ​​acne-prone skin and the thinness of the pimple layer).
- Use your hands to pat to evenly absorb the product.
- Should wait for the product to dry completely then wear a shirt to avoid sticking.

Angel's Liquid The Magic Clear Body Mist Acne Treatment 150ml


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